D15CO Live @ ION-niversary! 05-12-2012

This mix was recorded live at the ION 1 year anniversary party at Lumonics Art Gallery in Denver, CO. This is the first De-Synced Traktor mix I’ve recorded since I got fed up with time code two years ago. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Kill your SYNC button! :-)

You can stream this mix live by pressing the orange “play” button above.
Download the mix going to this link: http://soundcloud.com/d15co/d15co-live-ion-niversary
Then click on the “Down” arrow next to the button above the waveform that says “share to group”.

Track List: ionniversary may 12 2012
Num. Title Artist Label
1 Is This The Life For Me? Mystic Bill
2 I Like Acid (original mix) RODRIGUES, Benny Be As One Recordings Israel
3 Vacuum Instability COEFFICIENT M_Rec Ltd
4 Slide Away Robert Babicz
5 This Joint (Panton & Cyron B Remix) Mom & Dad
6 Edificio (Raudive remix) DEVELOPER Modularz
7 Where Would You Be? (version 1) Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter Systematic Germany
8 Bean Burrito No Onions McDERMOTT, Chance Panel Trax
9 System In Disarray ARTSEVER Dark Shot
10 Hold Up EYES IN THE HEAT, The Kill The DJ France
11 Jump On It BONORI, Christian Cohagen
12 Alien BALBI MAS Traxacid
13 Echoes TECH STAR Twisted Beats
14 Mr Nightmare ANODYNE Acroplane Recordings
15 Hidden Hint JOIX LCR
16 Robots Don’t Love HOPF, Greg Zita
17 Crashed Giant Snacks LORD POISE Stereophonic Recordings
18 Minotaurus LEZCANO Sound Venom
19 Cass Collective – Howler
20 Stepp Harry Axt Snork Enterprises Germany
21 Black Mirror (Gabryel Casse remix) LAWS, Tom Inmaterial Audio
22 Polonium 210 REZOLUT Horns & Hoofs Entertainment
23 Cans Of Pop 777 System SDK
24 Dark Flay Al Go Lethal Dose Recordings
25 Nijna (original mix) HAZENDONK, Paul Groove Collection France
26 Dive L3D L3D Music Recordings
27 Everybody Down BARTOLI, Josh Finetool
28 Stolen (feat The Blacknile – Postharmonix mix) CURTIN, Dan Leviathan Sounds
29 Heart Of The Sun FISH N ZONE Power House
30 Estate David Divine Miami Techno Chrome
31 Daydreamer ALPHA 303 ePM Online
32 Release (Rework remix) VOSPER Meant
33 Idea ALEKSANDR LIFE Creative Technologies Studio
34 917 ALPHAAT Southern Fried
35 Shockwave ST MANDREW Teenage Riot
36 Back To The Machine (original mix) BARRETO, Alex Freshportmusic
37 KRZ Re Dupre Noise Music
38 Start Chopping (Tommy Four Seven remix) PERC Perc Trax
39 Seek Happiness In Victory, But Never In Peace DEATH ABYSS Rodz Konez
40 Shock (I Can Kill It) MEKA State 51

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D15CO Live @ FruitaScape 04/20/2012 Outdoor Campout

FruitaScape is a semi-secret campout that happens every year in the wild desert near Fruita, CO. Many thanks to our awesome friends at Paradigm Turbosound for putting on this awesome event! Click on the big orange arrow below to listen to my live set from this event. You can also download it by clicking on this URL:
http://soundcloud.com/d15co/d15co-live-fruitascape and clicking on the “down” arrow above the waveform and next to the “share to group” button. Hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed making it! =)

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January 2012 Top Ten – Fun Loving Disco and Galactic Boogie!!!

Now this here is some darn-tootin’ feel-good music, perfect for whiling away grungy winters. This month I’m feeling the desire to get away from pounding and oppressive, so I dug around in the current and back catalogues of Nu-Disco and Galactic Boogie to find the following gems. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! =)

Hit the URL below and press “Play All” to launch a Juno player and hear the tracks!





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iPhone Production App Shootout

I’ve been dying to try out some music production applications since I picked up my iPhone, and a recent 3-hour plane trip provided the perfect opportunity. After careful consideration [ie: time that I should have spent packing for the trip] I picked the following apps: TechnoBox2, bleep!BOX, and NanoStudio.

TechnoBox2 - 303 Screen

TechnoBox2 from Audiorealism definitely wins as “most accessible” application. TechnoBox2 gives you a classic x0x-box setup that fits in your pocket. Two TB-303s, an 808, & a 909 are loaded up with patterns to show you the works right off the bat. Anyone who has ever played with ReBirth will know what to do here. Navigating between the different boxes is  a snap, and the interface is very well suited to the iPhone.

TechnoBox2 even offers you the ability to load your own samples into the drum machines and upload songs [up to 1000 bars] to Soundcloud.  Add in an effects section that can be applied to any or all of the synth or drum parts and you have a pretty powerful app that is well worth $4.99. The only thing missing is some sort of feedback to tell you where you are in the sequence. TechnoBox2 is just a scrolling feedback light away from perfection.

bleep!BOX sequencer view

The coolest thing about Bleep!BOX is that it uses no samples, all of the sounds are synthesized in real time. You can get killer glitchy and crazy patterns going here. You are given up to 10 “parts”– each up to 8 bars long–which can be tweaked to your heart’s content through separate oscillator, filter, envelope and mod pages. You also get swing, motion parameters, a full featured delay screen, plus the ability to loop each section or use performance pads to record patterns.

With a little focus one could have a lot of fun and make some interesting tunes with this app. I would suggest this application to anyone, it is well worth the $9.99 cost. I also highly recommend bleep!SYNTH from the same company, it’s a really cool arpeggiated synth for only $1.99!

Edit: I had some issues initially bouncing between parts, but bleep!box advised me how to resolve this issue via their twitter feed. The one issue I had was resolved. This is a great company!


NanoStudio's Eden Synthesizer

Unfortunately, NanoStudio was mostly a miss for me. Blip Interactive has really crammed tons of features into this software; it has a full featured mixing console screen with aux sends and great effects, multiple synthesizer channels, an MPC-style drum pad, and a complete song arrangement screen where you can drag and drop parts in as you wish. To me, the interface was a lot more like Logic or Garageband, and this is where I lost interest. I can totally see how this would make an excellent sketchpad for someone who is making more traditional song oriented music, but that just isn’t me. At $14.99, this was the most expensive app, and I just didn’t connect with it.

If I had to declare a winner here – I just couldn’t do it – Bleep!BOX and TechnoBox2 are two different animals, both with their own strengths. Bleep!BOX might take a little more time to get cool results, but it gives you wildly creative possibilities. TechnoBox2 is strong right off the bat, but it does have its limitations too. I declare this shootout a tie!


496 38th St Oakland CA 94609

Sanctuary for the Arts

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496 38th St

Here it is, D15CO on a Friday evening with the quick and dirty hotness. Fresh off this weeks releases!

Click the URL and Press Play All down below!


First, take your punishment like a man! [Worm!]  - With Geistform and Dead Sound Videohead. Then start the party with feel-good ditties from DJ Pintaa and Domenico Imperato. Also do yourself a favor and try to pick up every single darn thing you can find on Miami Techno Chrome. Why? Well, because it’s FutureBassTech Supremo, that’s why!

496 38th St

Oakland, CA 94609

Sanctuary for the Arts 




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September Tops from Trackitdown


Here it is – the D15CO September Top 10 from TrackItDown! This month: Raudive and Drumcomplex features, plus the return of hell industrial!

Raudive “Nothing EP” Wires
I’m constantly astounded by Oliver Ho’s prolific nature. God knows how many hours I spent trying to make my 2005 beats tougher (Needs moar compressor!?!?) while Mr. Ho was effortlessly churning out amazing behind-the-radiator house and sexy medicated industrial with the Birdland and Veil projects.
His latest project Raudive is named for Konstantin Raudive - a Latvian parapsychologist who spent much of his career trying to recorded the voice of his dead wife. Oliver Ho’s work as Raudive shares immaculate, crisply rendered percussion, cleverly arranged breakdowns, and haunting voices triggering unknown memories. Tracks like “Slave” and “Enter” are pure electronic alchemy that work just as well in 2011 as the day they were released.
Onward – I’m kicking myself after learning of this “Wires” release. How can something this fantastic escape my vision for three whole months! Argh! Clearly, I must redouble my efforts and make searching for techno my full time job! “Nothing” and “Sigil” stand out as the utilitarian dance floor offerings here, but there are some absolutely stunning beatless tracks on this release that you simply must enjoy for yourself.
Roman Zawodny “Into the Night” Urban Kickz Recordings
Urban Kickz Recordings was started just this year by Roman Zawodny and Sasha Naomi and has been absolutely slamming it. Heavily rocking material has kicked off the label, with stunning work from Sasha Naomi and Mr. Zawodny, Energun, and others. This track is a bit of a departure from the slam-bang thank you ma’am we’ve been used to from UKR – with more than a bit of Italo feel – this one still has the tough percussion catapulting it right into the space disco on Mars. Swinging space noises and shuffling vocal samples keep the energy pumped up, and those stabs, man, those stabs are just epic!
Jack Di’Che “Bad Industry” SanexMusic
Jack Di’Che puts out the kind of hell industrial I’d love to hear someone ballsy drop right in the middle of a peak hour set. Folks would absolutely lose their shit on this one if it were dropped at the right time. Hell, I would even love to drop this in an opening set. I see Mr. Promoter, you’d like me to slow things down, make it more abstract? Muahahaha – well get ready for some serious EVIL then. These massive and sparse breakbeat are the perfect soundtrack for picking through junkyards at midnight.
I recognized Drumcomplex from his early vinyl releases on Toneman and Hardsignal, and when it came up in the list just had to give it a go. The propulsive funk of “Junk” on Monoid inspired some digging which unearthed the items you see in this chart.  While “Primeevil” is from last year, “Mayen” is fairly recent, dropping within the last few months on Different is Different Records. So again, it’s a crime and a shame that I would have overlooked this. Both driving and hypnotic with a massive approach that spares no prisoners on the dancefloor – “Mayen” features expertly placed vocal samples, that presage a ridiculous breakdown, and as spacey stabs degenerate into themselves the drop comes to turn heaven to hell right before your ears.
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Sanctuary for the Arts

This is an older mix of some super banging techno. This one was mixed live using a Traktor Scratch Pro Time Code set up, Ecler Nuo 4 Midi Controller/Mixer, and two Technics SL1200 MKii turntables.


1 The Sickness of Dirty Hospital Dirty Hospital
2 Code Red Pounding Grooves
3 Doomsday – Original Mix Submerge 101, Larix
4 Domino – Original Mix Go Hiyama
5 Zondagsschool – Mhonolink Remix Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy
6 This Connection (Diarmaid O Meara remix) DECIBEL FLEKX
7 A Song For Gay Dogs – Original Mix Bas Mooy
8 Filled With Acid – Original Mi Vegim
9 Episode 2 Spiriakos & Steen
11 Industrialisation George le Nagelaux
12 Give Me Some TARRIDA, Dave/MIKE FUZZ
13 Locked Up a Broad – Original Mix Michael Wenz
14 Ritmo Percutivo – South American Hot Remix Dj Baloo
15 Summer Wind Claudio Ponticelli
16 Perilous Funky Analogik Voice
17 Pollero George Privatti
19 Tester Patrick DSP
20 To The Beat – Original Mix DJ Kloude
21 Detrox DEMOET, Tony
22 Keep It Krunk (with Saleem – original mix) BWAR
23 Dance Of Road Luky RDU
24 Just Fuck (Original Mix) Sadowick & SDK
25 Wassermangel – Original Mix Michael Lambart
26 That’s All (Adriano Canzian remix – live version) EQUITANT/YASMIN GATE
27 Der Klang Der Familie (remastered 2010) 3 PHASE feat DR MOTTE
28 Cut’n Paste (original mix) DAVE THE DRUMMER


496 38th St

Oakland, CA 94609

Sanctuary for the Arts

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Summer SuppleMentalz


This episode of your normally scheduled track reviews includes a new feature! Let’s call it the “Soundcloud Stud of the Summer” for now, and see if our blogging frequency and/or social media outlets hold steady in this time of ever increasing Delta. Who knows, next time it could be the “Mixcloud MackDaddy of the Minute” or some such similar nonsense. The whole idea here is it’s an unsigned artist that looks interesting, and say no more about it! This time around I’m pointing out this cool cat who calls himself replicalex - aka Alex O’Neill from Glasgow, Britain. Epic space funk on deck!:

Now on to your regularly scheduled Juno Chart madness!!!!


There’s the chart link up above – visit there and click “Play All” to follow along at home.

Space DJz “Polymath” Sven Wittekind Germany

The Space DJz never stopped banging it out and God love them for it. Polymath is a bit of a departure though – through broken down junkyards of industrial apocolyptia. Wittekind’s remix doubles it up and gives you the drop that you’ve been wanting all through the original version. I could seriously listen to these two tracks going off in endless breakdowns and buildups back to back to back to back and again! I have long been a fan of Messieurs Bissmire and Long, but this latest is really something that you absolutely must download and enjoy.

Captain Magic “iCaptain” Benefit Recordings

Captain Magic turns in this down and dirty techno juggernaut – with a compelling bassline that foreshadows dancefloor nastiness in your immediate future. All Hell breaks loose midway through, when Mr. Bass Line calls in four or five bass-y friends to back him up, and they all go to town, cracking skulls on the dancefloor. Excellent ballsy techno.

Nico D’Acido/Robin Hirte “Pfanneschergel” Klingon Grooves

Nico D’Acido teams up with Klingon Groove’s boss Robin Hirte to showcase the tension building bass sirens that foretell your impending doom. The intro and outro are perfect complements to the tense buildup, and groove along nicely with latin-ish shakers and castanets complementing that fat, fat bassline.

Matador IE “Nano” Brood Audio

Brood Audio label boss Erphun has unearthed a fantastic talent in Matador aka Gavin Lynch.  Cleverly deployed sawtooth sinewaves manipulate the vibe and tension here perfectly. “Nano” is all insistent, grabbing you by the ass and not letting go with that sine that just don’t let up, while “Dark Shapes” is ridiculously funky, but much more judicious in its waveform tweaking. Either way I’m jumping out of my seat for the Basement Dance Party [whoop!] everytime these tracks play.

The Nighttripper “Tone Exploitation” (Ken Ishii rmx) Underground Liberation Holland

Orlando Voorn’s alias “The Nighttripper” provides source material for this collaborative effort on Voorn’s label Underground Liberation. Ben Sims, DJ T-1000, and Planetary Assault Systems all turn in excellent reductions of the original’s frenetic energy, but my favorite is the Ken Ishii remake. Ishii turns the whole thing upside down into an electro-tinged, slippery bassline workout that positively screams of all things old-school.

Rene Reiter “Where’s the Sun” Alien Force Digital

Ah, Damn! I love a track that has swagger! SWAGGA!!! “Where’s the Sun” bursts right into the room like a SWAT team brandishing a baseball bat. Rene Reiter gets the Silver Disco Balls trophy for this one. Meanwhile, don’t mind me, I’m just raiding Alien Force Digital’s back catalogue right now for as much as I can cram down my techno-gullet. ;)

Meduz “Red Eye” Hi5 Collective

Mmmmm, Damn! Meduz [aka Jason Trudeau] brings the nasty on this hot release on Hi5 Collective. How can a clap be nasty? I’m not sure, but somehow, Mr. Trudeau has taught his claps to breathe heavily, and I swear you can almost hear them sweating, if that is even possible. This is super-sexy stuff for getting down with tough girls.

Paul Shout “Full Moon Night…” Tainted Buddah

Paul Shout really rocks this release with a durrrrrty bassline backed up by rolling tribal percussions moving this spacey jaunt straight to your ass. The chanting tweaks into robotic space monkeys – assaulting you in your shakin’ rump. Great sound effects and lovely vocal breakdowns amp everything up into high gear.




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D15CO Live at Sutra August 5, 2011

I recorded this mix last Thursday at Sutra. I'm really stoked with how this one came out! Even had to turn out the lights and fire up the colorstrip to dance it out for a bit while previewing. Fair warning: brace yourself for the tempo change. ;) 
  • Track List: Sutra 08 11
    1 For All The Ravers In The Nation OMEGA DRIVE Techno Artillery
    2 Calcius Wyrus & Dastin
    3 Der Fangarm Tobias Schmidt & Neil Landstrumm
    4 Thriller RA
    5 Progtom ST JEAN Stereofly
    6 303 Forever AKASHIC PROJECT Akashic
    7 Give Me Some TARRIDA, Dave/MIKE FUZZ
    8 Nukleon – Gluon Mix Nelman
    9 C.O.L.L.A.P.S.I.N.G Cursor Miner
    10 Don’t Know Mark Ankh Sound Evolution
    11 Swany (Vitalic remix) LADY B feat SAMANTHA NICE Citizen France
    12 Acid Seduction EDGE, Paul
    13 Blah Blah (Patrick Pulsinger remix) LITTLE NOBODY Plaza In Crowd
    14 Molecole (original mix) MARIOTRON Pool8
    15 Temptation Is Harder KLINIKA TechHead Digitized Greece
    16 Basswhore (Rolf Mulder remix) O MEARA, Diarmaid Gobsmacked
    17 Night Muzik – Mix 2 PJC Project feat. Roman Zawodny
    18 Super Fantastic Easy Sex (RRKS remix II) EDGE, Paul Psychedelic Dance Music
    19 Winever (Ultimate Breakers remix) ULTIMATE BREAKERS Roch Music
    20 Sade (Flavio Diaz remix) MARKANTONIO Analytic Trail
    21 Bump TERMIT, Kaul Naked
    22 Sukkerfri (Gencha remix) QUINTERO, Diego Mafia
    23 Black Widow E.P. – Eye Trip Akilah Bryant
    24 Moogerfooger (original mix) D ELIA, Alex & NIHIL YOUNG Rusted
    25 The Brain – Snappa Remix Kris James & Beatmode
    26 (I Don’t Want) To Be Human RAMORAE Intelligent God
    27 Do It To Yourself AGUILAR, Alex Indalo
    28 Poison Ivy KEMI & AMOX Lasergun Germany
    29 Onyricon (Yellow Lights) LEO MAS/FABRICE/RAGO/FARINA Polluted Italy
    30 Birthday Song (Mike Mind remix) My Favorite Robot My Favorite Robot
    31 Transducer (original) TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE CLR Germany
    32 Butterfly Stance APOSTOLIS LAMDA Jack Of Clubs
    33 19303 LAAKE, David New Era Recordings
    34 Stripclub – Original Xenia Beliayeva
    35 Voyage SUVOROV Sanex
    36 Motion (Mathias Schaffhauser remix) SCHNEIDER, Klaus & PHIL BARNES Fullscale
    37 Halloween MAKSIM DARK Nutempo
    38 New Planet FLIM Mutate To Survive Germany
    39 World Of Darkness AEMKEL, Johnny Divided
    40 They’re Here (Dopamine remix) Vandal Vibrate

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August: Top of the D15CO Pops


August! Serious craziness, time is flying and slippin, slippin, slippin – into the future!!!

This month things are getting a little eclectic – with a few solid techno releases, some category-busting electro house, and some straight up good time house music to boot.

Noisebuilder “Red Power” Junky Robot

Ah yes! This here is some straight up pumpin techno with epic pad sweeps and funky vocal cut-ups. Noisebuilder amps it up a few notches with some interesting tonal tricks on his bass kicks that create a nice sense of tension. My favorite thing about this track is really the sound design on the kick drums. Can’t wait to hear these on a huge system!

Surgeon “Muggerscum Out” (The Black Dog Remixes) Soma

I’d always assumed that Surgeon wrote techno staple “Muggerscum Out” after a particularly harrowing shakedown on the mean streets of Birmingham. The sense of increasing tension and electricity always made me feel like I was walking down a dark alley filled with malfunctioning electrical transformers and sparking wires scraping on tin shed walls.  The Black Dog remixes provide some top gear for techno-heads here, keeping the overall sense of the original track, while adding a new take on the original groove and some undercover synths that increase the tension in this track even more than the original. Breaks lovers should check out the Alex Smoke and Perc remixes of this track for more cool mutations of this classic.

Alexander Kowalski “Friendly Fire” (Dosem Rmx) Damage Music Berlin

Alexander Kowalski was the man behind DisX3 – which produced a series of absolutely slamming techno records in the mid-90s. In my hard techno days I searched high and low to fill out my collection of DisX3 product, and the dancefloor always thanked me for it. Kowalski rocks this release with some excellent harmonic space funk. Vaguely disco-ish synths creep in from time to time, but it never gets over the top, just solid and steady gear to get the kids nice and sweaty.

Gaetano Parisio “Program Meanings” Unrilis

Gaetano Parisio is back with this excellent tracky monster reminiscent of his work in the mid-90s on his label Advanced Techno Research. Rino Cerrone’s Rilis sublabel Unrilis provides a nice blank template, and Gaetano works it to the max here. The last I heard of Mr. Parisio, he was rushing out of a DJ booth with a bleeding ear due to a too-loud monitor. It’s great to hear him back on the track years later and putting out great music!

The 2 Bears “Bear Hug” (Maxxi Soundsystem Rmx) Southern Fried Records

The 2 Bears turn in several remixes for this hilarious and awesome track. My favorite is the Maxxi Soundsystem mix. The Severino mix is awesome, but this particular DJ will probably dump out before the breakdown on that mix. ;) Preferences aside, this is straight up good time house music! Everybody do the bear hug!

Strip Steve & Das Glow “Calcium” BNR Trax

Boyz Noize Recordings give us this awesome tool from Strip Steve and Das Glow. It’s about as naked and jacking as a track can get these days, with all of our plug-ins and EFX, digeridoos and hoo-ha. None of that here! BNR is typically known for their electro house releases, but this track just defies categorization. You need this in your crate if you want to jack the party. It’s all house music when the panties are droppin’ AMIRITE?

Marco Effe “Contraction” Tronic

Tronic and Christian Smith has always been a go-to for me for feel good techno that never  falls into the dreaded pit of dodgy “tech-trance”.  Marco Effe sprinkles just a taste of cheese over the top of this driving tune for the space disco. Of course there’s a breakdown, and of course it will drive the crowd wild when it hits!

Nomenklatur “Gifts of Ages – The Game” Space Factory

I learned about Nomenklatur after stumbling across DJ Mini‘s haunting track “Walking” on Space Factory records. When I find something as exciting and original as
“Walking”- I’ll immediately scour that label’s back catalogue hoping to uncover more gold. In this case I got quite lucky and ended up with an impressive array of tracks from Space Factory. Yay for hidden gems! While much of their best material fits under the “nu-disco” umbrella, both “Walking” and “Gift of Ages” are haunting and eerie journeys that dig a little deeper into the darkness that plagues us all. “Walking” is spaced out and deeper, while “Gift of Ages” is a bit more driving but still pretty deep. Grab ‘em both!

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