September Tops from Trackitdown

Here it is – the D15CO September Top 10 from TrackItDown! This month: Raudive and Drumcomplex features, plus the return of hell industrial!

Raudive “Nothing EP” Wires
I’m constantly astounded by Oliver Ho’s prolific nature. God knows how many hours I spent trying to make my 2005 beats tougher (Needs moar compressor!?!?) while Mr. Ho was effortlessly churning out amazing behind-the-radiator house and sexy medicated industrial with the Birdland and Veil projects.
His latest project Raudive is named for Konstantin Raudive - a Latvian parapsychologist who spent much of his career trying to recorded the voice of his dead wife. Oliver Ho’s work as Raudive shares immaculate, crisply rendered percussion, cleverly arranged breakdowns, and haunting voices triggering unknown memories. Tracks like “Slave” and “Enter” are pure electronic alchemy that work just as well in 2011 as the day they were released.
Onward – I’m kicking myself after learning of this “Wires” release. How can something this fantastic escape my vision for three whole months! Argh! Clearly, I must redouble my efforts and make searching for techno my full time job! “Nothing” and “Sigil” stand out as the utilitarian dance floor offerings here, but there are some absolutely stunning beatless tracks on this release that you simply must enjoy for yourself.
Roman Zawodny “Into the Night” Urban Kickz Recordings
Urban Kickz Recordings was started just this year by Roman Zawodny and Sasha Naomi and has been absolutely slamming it. Heavily rocking material has kicked off the label, with stunning work from Sasha Naomi and Mr. Zawodny, Energun, and others. This track is a bit of a departure from the slam-bang thank you ma’am we’ve been used to from UKR – with more than a bit of Italo feel – this one still has the tough percussion catapulting it right into the space disco on Mars. Swinging space noises and shuffling vocal samples keep the energy pumped up, and those stabs, man, those stabs are just epic!
Jack Di’Che “Bad Industry” SanexMusic
Jack Di’Che puts out the kind of hell industrial I’d love to hear someone ballsy drop right in the middle of a peak hour set. Folks would absolutely lose their shit on this one if it were dropped at the right time. Hell, I would even love to drop this in an opening set. I see Mr. Promoter, you’d like me to slow things down, make it more abstract? Muahahaha – well get ready for some serious EVIL then. These massive and sparse breakbeat are the perfect soundtrack for picking through junkyards at midnight.
I recognized Drumcomplex from his early vinyl releases on Toneman and Hardsignal, and when it came up in the list just had to give it a go. The propulsive funk of “Junk” on Monoid inspired some digging which unearthed the items you see in this chart.  While “Primeevil” is from last year, “Mayen” is fairly recent, dropping within the last few months on Different is Different Records. So again, it’s a crime and a shame that I would have overlooked this. Both driving and hypnotic with a massive approach that spares no prisoners on the dancefloor – “Mayen” features expertly placed vocal samples, that presage a ridiculous breakdown, and as spacey stabs degenerate into themselves the drop comes to turn heaven to hell right before your ears.

About D15CO

Ethan Masterson [aka D15CO] has championed the sounds of uncompromising techno via energetic and no-holds-barred DJ freakouts for over a decade. D15CO has appeared in an array of US venues both vast and sundry, including: Milwaukee's Furthur Festival, Xara camp at Burningman, Frequency Fridays in Denver, Otherworld in Oakland with Trust Collective, East Bay sunset with Urban Wasteland, Rapid City, SD, southern Wyoming, plus endless house party basements and “middle-of-nowhere” points in between. “D15CO is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance.” -Giorgio Moroder
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